Fashion replica watches are also creative and novel

There is a chain of contempt in any circle, and the replica watch circle is no exception. From the pedigree point of view, Swiss watches are the genuine brands, and German watches and Japanese watches are almost meaningless no matter how hard they work for market recognition. Then from the brand, there will be three, six, nine levels. But in the minds of most watch friends, most people who despise the bottom end of the watch chain will think it is a fashion replica patek philipp. So what is a fashion watch? Why are fashion watches unwelcome?

Many well-known clothing or leather goods manufacturers are mainly involved in clothing or leather goods. For example, Armani, everyone knows that its suits are very famous. They will all register trademarks of all categories, because they feel that the profit margin of watches is very large, they either rent the trademarks to buy shares or test the waters themselves. This kind of basic full outsourcing means selling OEM watches based on brand reputation and is called fashion watches.

Fashion replica watches generally use the cheapest materials and movements, they don't need to invest any cost in research and development. Just print a big logo on the most eye-catching position of the dial, and there will be many people who don't know the truth to consume. Of course, the price of a fashion watch is generally not too expensive.

Of course, there are also creative and novel fashions in the fashion table. For example, this American brand called Seven Fridays. The appearance design is still very careful to give people a refreshing feeling. The movement directly uses the more affordable and stable Japanese movement.

In addition, there are some jewellery brands. In addition to working hard on design, they also increase research and development efforts in movement and other aspects. In fact, it no longer belongs to the category of fashion watches, and has been slowly recognized by senior watch friends, but it will still be misunderstood as a fashion watch.

Experienced replica longines friends like these classic styles very much, but they feel that the price is slightly higher. I will find someone to customize the style using the ETA movement separately. The appearance is exactly the same as the movement, and the brand recognition is high, which is also a very wise choice.

The recognition of the watch mainly depends on the historical heritage of the brand and various innovative research and development. The reason why fashion watches are at the bottom of the replica watch contempt chain is mainly because they are in line with the characteristics of fast food culture. The product itself is simply OEM and relying on marketing to build momentum and then locate a cheaper price to perfuse consumers. Can't stand scrutiny after actually wearing it. But the birth of the fashion watch also proved that it is reasonable to exist, at least it is quite appropriate to bring a fashion watch during nightclub activities.